Don’t let generic knock off products

drive quality of care decisions. 

Especially when the total cost of MABIS® Stork® products is insignificant in the total economics.

Approximate Cost for MABIS   Stork   Products Used During Delivery



1 x Ready-Rolled® Disposable FootPrinter

1 x U-Bag® Urine 24-Hour Style Specimen Collector

1 x Plastibell® Circumcision Device

2 x Double-Grip® Umbilical Cord Clamp

1 x Cord Clamp® Clipper

1 x AmniHook® Amniotic Membrane Perforator

Total Average Cost of Standard Delivery


MABIS® STORK® Product Cost

MABIS® Stork® products represent very little of the total cost of child birth

Comparing Premium Mabis  Stork  Products to Generic Brand Products



Mabis® Stork® Products

Approximate cost: $24 per childbirth

We are the original inventors and manufacturers since 1958.

Manufactured and inspected here in the USA.

Our products are made from premium, durable materials.

Over 100 million documented positive outcomes using our products.

Proven quality excellence in performance, durability, and safety.

No other company has the portfolio of MABIS® Stork®


Generic Brand Products

Approximate cost: $23 per childbirth


Do not use our patented designs.


Cheaply sourced from overseas.


Cut costs by using inferior materials.


No documentation or clinical evidence of the performance of their products.


Lack of transparency into their quality control programs and quality outcome evidence.


The use of multiple suppliers to cover product options

Why take any chances during labor and delivery for negligible cost differences? 

Choose Stork every time for reliable confidence and positive outcomes. Accept no substitutes!

Average Total Hospital Costs of a Childbirth

Put Your Trust in Mabis   Stork 



Is it really worth the risk to use inferior products when bringing a new life into the world? Get the clinically proven labor and delivery products from the name medical professionals have trusted since 1958.

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