The Mabis  Stork Legacy Begins...



When John Schneider, founder of Hollister Incorporated. recognized that a sterile, disposable circumcision device was desperately needed, the PlastiBell® Circumcision Device was invented in 1958. The innovation in creating the PlastiBell® was being able to perform the circumcision with a product that was sterile, safe, economical, and disposable. This did not exist prior to the PlastiBell®.

The Quick Rise and Expansion

In 1965, Hollister built a new manufacturing facility in Kirksville, Missouri in order to build the growing line of innovative obstetrics products. Briggs Healthcare, founded in 1947, is one of the largest privately held manufacturers and distributors of medical devices, charting systems and medical documentation.  MABIS® Stork®, a division of Briggs Healthcare acquired the hospital obstetrics product line that was Invented, Developed and Produced by Hollister.  Today, we are proud that our products are still produced in the same factory as they have been for generations. We honor the legacy of the brand and the quality and safety of our products.


Standard of Care

Since 1958, others have attempted to replicate our products without success. 

MABIS® Stork® has filled the needs of the Obstetrics field since 1958 with high quality and safe products. First to market with our state-of-the-art product line, we continue to deliver positive outcomes that OB professionals continue to rely on and expect. 

From our stringent standards, exacting quality controls, product efficacy, and established track record of safety and proven results, we have set the Gold Standard. We continue to be the true original and trusted name in sterile, disposable labor, and delivery products.


Best-in-Class Design

& Production Process 

Excellence can be found in the details. Whether it’s the laser vision designed contour sides of the Amnihook® or the unique, ergonomic handle on the Plastibell®. It is the obsessive attention to detail and precision that make us the brand that has been revered in labor and delivery products for over 60 years.

Teaching Hospitals Around the World Rely on Mabis   Stork



Doctors, Practitioners, Midwives, and nurses at some of the most renowned teaching hospitals around the world rely on our products to train in Labor and Delivery. Our products are referenced by name in their course materials.


with Remarkable Outcomes

Precision Vision Inspection

Sophisticated, innovative, and rigorous Laser Vision Inspection system. Only products meeting 100% of our tough criteria pass inspection.

Legacy & Experience

Our Brands are built on over 60 years of experience and our commitment to the highest, unmatched quality standards.

Our Core Goals Have Never Wavered

The core driving force behind our company is delivering the highest quality labor and delivery products that eclipse industry benchmarks for safety and reliability.  Our client-first focus is seen in the availability and expertise of each of our dedicated account representatives that are here day and night to ensure our clients always have limitless access to the best OB products on the market. We will never stop striving to do better and our clients take comfort in our relentless pursuit of perfection and dependability. 

Patient Safety

Product Quality

Design Consistency


In Stock

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We’ve been here since 1958, we will continue to be here for you and your patient. 

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