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The birth of a child is one of the riskiest and most costly procedures in a hospital. Sacrificing high quality for cost savings is not an option when liabilities are so high. Our traditional obstetric products have been proven for well over 100 million births in consistently providing positive outcomes and the most cost-effective risk mitigation.


Why Take the Risk With Anything Other Than Stork


All of our patented and copyrighted products like Plastibell®, Amnihook®, Cord Clamp® and U-Bag® are produced to world class manufacturing and exacting quality specifications. With over 100 Million positive clinical outcomes since 1958, all other products are a distant second in terms of medical professional usage and recognition, training, invention and commitment to patient care. Our Labor and Delivery products must pass through our strenuous, rigorous laser vision inspection systems to ensure that only products meeting 100% of our highest level of quality standards criteria will be the first and only product required for the procedure. Don’t risk a failure, don’t risk a cheap alternative; choose Stork® products.

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